There's no point in critically analyzing this movie. At all. Because you will either adore it or dismiss it, depending on whether you can accept watching a black and white silent film.


But to cover more ground, I'll say simply that if you want to be on Cloud Nine, hell, Cloud Ten, you should watch this movie. Not that it's without its drama and personal tragedy, but as you walk out of the theater, the sun will glow that much brighter, the sidewalk will slide that much softer underneath your shoes, and the air will slip by like a fine perfume of a beautiful woman you haven't met yet. It's the kind of magic that Disney claimed, yet here it has a more personal, mature, and uplifting effect. It doesn't feel like you are watching the movie, but rather, like the movie is performing for you, just for you and no one else, delighting you with its gaiety, seducing you with its style, sobering you with its sadness, and then dancing its final number with an unbreakable smile, a smile not at its own technical mastery but at you, at you for smiling back, for letting yourself, in a world of cynicism and hate and mistrust and disaster, truly be happy. This movie could turn rain into wine. There's not more I can say. The Artist is sublime. 

Best Way to Watch: On a date. Seriously, this is probably the best date movie ever. 

Rating: 10/10

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