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5 Popular Drugs (And Their Video Game Equivalents)

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It’s no mystery that drugs and video games seem to gel so nicely. The sentence “We got so ___________” (fill the blank with drunk, smashed, ripped, high, baked, torched, lit, spun, loaded, or Keith) oftentimes ends with something like “that we played Super Smash Bros. for six hours.” The vivid atmospheres and gameplay of video games take us away to new worlds and distract from the oftentimes lackluster daily routine. Drugs,...

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Beep Beep

The problem with American drivers, as well as our problems with drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, illegal immigration, and low test scores could probably be solved, or at least better understood, through a tale by Aesop.


Aesop told a fable long ago about two beings, the Sun and the Wind. Both were bragging about their respective powers and so they...

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Soccer is without a doubt the "world sport." Americans like myself may not care much about it, but no one can deny the absolute pandemonium that erupts during soccer games around the globe. There is more passion coming out of the stands than any sport, and it's no longer that full length movies are devoted to soccer fan warfare (ex. Green Street Hooligans).


My problem with soccer is what happens on the...

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6 Most Annoying Characters in Movie History

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There are movie characters we love, and ones we love to hate. Many movies depend on this reaction to characters, otherwise films like Star Wars, Die Hard, Gladiator, and Land Before Time LXXVIII wouldn’t work. Yet time and time again we are subjected to characters who fit in neither category: ones who are seemingly there only to annoy us and zap the life out of a perfectly good film. These people are like the weird hairs you find on you...

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