So to start things off...

Like myself, you probably don't read home pages of sites like these. So I'll be quick.

I love movies. More than anyone I know. But like CDs, video games, and organic food, there comes a time where  you want to scream at the price tag and contemplate Torrents, iPhone games, 7-11 Beef Patties, and movies like Pirahnaconda. 

But there is still some quality art out there. You just need to know how much of it is worth your time and cash. 

So welcome to From 1 to 10 Movie Reviews. The reviews are at the heading above, as well as blogs about movies, music, and professionally immature rants. 

I'm open to suggestions about movies, old and new, so drop a line at the Guestbook  or the Forms after each review and enjoy reading about the greatest, the crummiest, and everything in between.

If you want to see some of my other writing, check out my trip to New Mexico at or my music reviews at

- Clay